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Janus Worldwide Presents Its Global Technology Platform at eCommerce Expo 2016
Wednesday, 05 October 2016 00:00

Janus Worldwide recently took part in eCommerce Expo 2016, which occurred from September 28-29 in London at the Olympia Exhibition Centre, one of the oldest exhibition halls in Great Britain, and there presented its Global Technology Platform (GTP) to the world.

eCommerce Expo is Europe’s largest e-commerce expo and is an excellent marketing and communications platform that provides participants with the opportunity to make announcements and business contacts. eCommerce Expo visitors are the first to learn about many new products, services and technologies. The event encompasses literally every aspect of the online transaction process, from marketing, web-platforms and effecting payments to delivery systems and customer service. Thousands of professionals come to the exhibition every year.

During eCommerce Expo, Janus Worldwide was delighted to present its recently-developed Global Technology Platform (GTP), which brings together an array of solutions for making the translation and localisation process as simple and transparent as possible while allowing customers around the world to minimise expenditures and receive translation services on-time and at very high quality levels.

The company's proprietary global technology platform tools and solutions were of great interest to exhibition visitors and exhibitors alike, who were all united in their praise. One example was Janus Express, which threw down the gauntlet at the historically widely-held principle that rush translation of small projects should incur large additional fees. Our other solutions  within he Global Technology Platform also proved to be very useful and popular, such as Janus TermCheck, the company’s proprietary terminology management system, JanusPerfect, an integrated multi-level QC system which reduces errors and other translation issues, Janus Connect, a web portal which assists customers with effective translation project management tools, and Janus DashPort, which provides detailed and structured project information real-time.

Janus Worldwide has yet again confirmed that by focusing on innovation, versatility, and continuous improvement, as well as with the assistance of its vibrant and serious exhibition hall stand, it can demonstrate its creative approach to the world, stand out among its peers, and attract the attention of all of the event’s visitors.

Janus Worldwide Director of Business Development Steve Higgins had this to say about participating in the exhibition: “We decided to present the Global Technology Platform at eCommerce Expo in London. Over two days, the event attracted thousands of visitors and became the ideal platform for us to talk about our language solutions and innovative technologies. The event was a huge success, as we spoke with a large number of potential retail, ecommerce and marketing-industry clients and listened to what they were interested in, why, what languages they required, and what technologies played an important role in international commerce. Seventy-five percent of internet users around the world say that they're more inclined to purchase goods and services if the information describing it is in their native language. Thanks to our new solutions, Janus Worldwide helps online retail companies attract new customers and thereby achieve success.”

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