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Janus Worldwide Attends OEB 2016 Conference
Monday, 05 December 2016 11:40

Janus Worldwide recently participated in the OEB Conference that occurred in Berlin at the InterContinental Hotel from November 30 through December 2, 2016. OEB is a global conference for education and professional training technologies. The conference is usually a great success, in that the number of participants generally exceeds 2,300, over 80 exhibitors attend the expo that occurs in parallel with the conference, and more than 260 people speak at the conference. Representatives of more than 100 nations participate in the event.

Analysts, business development specialists, IT experts, game and software developers, inventors, researchers, professors, teachers, investors, public servants and others with a professional or personal interest in the event attend OEB. Well-known companies and market leaders, as well as ambitious startups, were among the exhibitors.

As part of the event, more than 100 dynamic symposiums occurred in various formats, from discussions, debates, and workshops to plenary sessions and presentations. But all are interactive, inspiring, and collaborative. OEB provides an excellent opportunity for professional interaction, including as part of a session organized for this specific purpose.

The theme for the 2016 conference was “Owning Learning.” The world of education is undergoing serious transformation which may presently be seen, as at present students are having an extraordinary effect on the educational process by determining and controlling what, where, when, how, and in what format they will learn. Students are giving themselves access to knowledge, interpreting and interacting with the information they receive, and in the future they will be provided with even more power over their education. The OEB Conference was dedicated to discussing this topic this year.

Every year, the OEB Conference crosses boundaries, challenges biases, and is a catalyst for new ideas. This is due to innovations introduced at the expo, speeches from participants, and new forms of dialog. As the event’s organizers attest, “Always expect the unexpected at OEB.”

As Janus Worldwide is an innovative technology company striving to grow and develop, our presence at the event is logical. “It is exciting for Janus Worldwide to be here in Berlin, to exhibit at #OEB16 and to meet with many interesting e-learning content providers and authors, alongside clients that have a keen interest in and need for quality learning material, content and platforms”.

“This year the overall theme is about shaping the future of learning, and owning the content and process of learning, there is a truly global audience here from Europe, North & South America, Asia and Africa – so our business of translation, localization and multimedia certainly has a place, and is of interest to many participants”.

We participated as an exhibitor and presented our proprietary solutions for localizing multimedia educational courses to a large audience. Janus specialists have extensive experience localizing eLearning materials and have been successful at resolving diverse problems during every project.

Thanks to attending EOB 2016, we also became familiar with new technologies and solutions in training and education that could be useful working on our own educational projects by supplementing our own tool box and were very impressed with what we saw.

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