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Terminology Management

Consistency is paramount and a primary element of quality when presenting your brand, products and services to your customers and in the language industry. This component is managed through terminology and terminology is at the core of the translation process and the foundation of any successful project. Proper terminology management is critical to maintaining top-quality throughout a translation project and ensuring that the correct message is being transmitted in each target language. Having a well-defined, proper terminology list and pro-active continuous management of it saves time and money by reducing the number of review cycles, ensuring constancy, boosting efficiency.

Standardized terminology has many benefits:

  • Improve consistency across all corporate communication
  • Strengthen the value of the brand and associated intellectual property
  • Provide definitions and clarification of proprietary company terms and acronyms
  • Increase efficiency in the authoring and translation process by dramatically reducing review time
  • Improve B2B and B2C communication by making your terminology available to vendors

The need to maintain a global brand image has never been more important as companies reach out to international markets, and establish a standard for corporate communication. As companies become more global, the need to uniformly brand their image becomes a necessity.

Janus offers a range of services related to terminology management:

  • Organization of content and existing language assets to formulate terminology strategies
  • Creation of glossaries from automated extraction tools or our trained terminologists
  • Consultation using standardized or “generic” glossaries in conjunction with proprietary ones
  • Translation and review of source language terms and definitions
  • Review of legacy translations to ensure terminological consistency and accuracy
  • Develop a customized terminology solution and internal process for your organization

The Janus Solution

  • Identify needs and gather information
  • Glossary Creation (and review of existing assets)
  • Term extraction
  • Translation - This may also include usage rules, examples, antonyms and other style-related information
  • Maintenance during the project
  • Usage of approved terminology with language CAT tools
  • Post translation
  • New term validation
  • Legacy material and translation memory clean-up
  • Glossary accessibility for client update and review via web-based interface

TermCheck: a terminology verification tool

Janus maintains proprietary tool for verification of terminology correctness in bilingual translated materials. It is available free of charge as a desktop application.

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